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Post Approval Monitoring (PAM) Program

The University of Tennessee Knoxville Area (UTK) has initiated a post-approval monitoring (PAM) program. The goal of the UTK PAM program is to ensure that research and teaching activities are being conducted as written in IACUC approved animal protocols.

The role of the PAM office is to randomly (or if requested by the IACUC) review a protocol and then observe the animal activities associated with it. Any activity that appears to be moving toward noncompliance from the approved protocol will be noted and communicated to the investigator/laboratory staff. This allows the investigator an opportunity to correct the problem by either adjusting the methods to follow the protocol or submit an amendment to ensure compliance.

This observational period allows the investigator/laboratory staff an opportunity to ask for any help and/or address any problems. A PAM summary report is presented at each monthly IACUC meeting and a copy of the individual PAM report is retained in the protocol file. The UTK PAM office is involved in developing and presenting compliance training and helping in communications between IACUC members and the investigator.